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‘Life’in Derby

February 2014 | by Lee Rowcroft and David Fielding

The Life Outreach Conference took place at the Assembly Rooms in Derby city centre on Saturday 23 November 2013.

The event was organised by Castlefields Church and provided an opportunity to share the gospel with colleagues and friends.

Nearly 200 people attended the afternoon conference, which began with Dr John Peet using the title of the popular TV programme to ask, ‘Who do you think you are?’

Based on his book released the same week, Does the Bible require a belief in Special Creation?, Mr Peet used ‘Homo creatus’as his special designation for man and showed clearly that man is different from all other creatures.

Dr John Ling, a freelance writer and consultant on bioethical issues for the past 30 years, then spoke on the subject, ‘When does human life begin?’

With a series of fascinating slides, and quotations from across the spectrum of bioethics, he gave a devastating critique of current atheistic thinking, to contrast with the truth of God’s Word.

John Stevens, national director of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches, led the final session with the Gospel of Luke open in his hand. He posed the question, ‘Can life go on for ever?’ and used the content of Luke to demonstrate the clear evidence of a positive answer.

Mr Stevens used his background as a lawyer to challenge unbelievers to weigh up the evidence for themselves. To help those present to do this, everyone went away with a copy of Luke’s Gospel.

The conference theme of life was continued through the preaching of Richard Carvell and David Fielding during both services at Castlefields Church on the Sunday. There was also a busy bookstall at the event (pictured), which was run by web-based bookstore 10 of Those, and proved very popular.

It was a great joy to see unbelieving friends coming along to this event and then buying Christian books to take home, along with their free copy of Luke. Recordings of all of the meetings are available on the Castlefields website:

Lee Rowcroft and David Fielding




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