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Syria petition

February 2014

Christians in the UK are being urged to put pressure on MPs to take action to protect vulnerable minorities caught up in the ongoing Syrian conflict.

According to an update from Barnabas Fund, Western politicians need to do more to push the Syrian government and surrounding countries to protect the Christian minority in the country.

Many have been displaced, or caught up in the sectarian violence and targeted for having a ‘Western’ religion. In addition to the civil war and persecution of minority groups, Barnabas Fund said its partners on the ground in Syria have been busy handing out warm clothing, blankets and heaters to those freezing in Aleppo.

Reports have already revealed the ill-preparedness of the refugees and the camps that have taken them in for one of the bitterest winters in memory. The Barnabas Fund update read: ‘This is just the start of what meteorologists are forecasting will be one of the harshest winters in Syria for 100 years. The work is ongoing and the needs are vast’.