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Grace Church, Dundee

February 2014

Grace Church, Dundee, is another new congregation recently formed as a result of people leaving the Church of Scotland. This results from decisions by the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly in May 2013 to move in the direction of allowing practising homosexual people to become ministers.

About 70 former members of the Church of Scotland have been meeting since September in Menzieshill Community Centre, Dundee, at 10.30am and 6.30pm on Sundays.

Grace has a leadership team of seven and its present locum minister is Rev. David Randall, who has resigned his status as a minister of the Church of Scotland after serving in it for 40 years.

The church is presently independent, but the leaders are considering the question of affiliation with another Presbyterian denomination and also the church’s longer-term locality and ministry. The church’s website is: