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Lagos mission

February 2014

A group of Christians from Christ Baptist Church, California, spent two weeks in October 2013 with Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Lagos to help with its various mission activities.

In addition to helping at the Lagos Bible Conference, they also took part in outreach, preaching in six different suburban areas of the Nigerian city, as well as participating in three nights of evangelism on the Open Forum radio broadcast programme.

According to Pastor Tony Okoroh of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, the teams also carried out street evangelism, handing out tracts and speaking to passers-by.

He said, ‘The Lord used the radio broadcast to bring quite a number to attend the planned outreach meetings. One elderly lady joined the four-day seminar given by Pastor Joe Jacowitz of Christ Baptist Church to seminary students.

‘A call went out to “scattered and bewildered sheep” to come back to Christ, and a warning went out to many to flee from false teachers deceiving the flock of Christ’.

Pastor Okoroh has written before in Evangelical Times and elsewhere of the pernicious infiltration of false doctrine and ‘health and wealth teaching’ across Nigeria.

During the conference, the theme of which was ‘Christian living in evil times’, Mr Jacowitz gave four messages on the marks of a Christian, which included walking the walk, departing from sin, exercising saving faith and not resting on experiences.

Pastor Adamu Maga gave two messages, reminding Christians how to submit to authority, using the example of God’s people living in exile in Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar’s rule.

Pastor Okoroh reminded attendees of the true hallmarks of a local church, warning against ‘kingdom-ism’. He said, ‘When the distinction between a local church and the kingdom of God is shallowly understood, there is the tendency to aim at building worldwide denominations and movements, with consequent political, social and individual tensions in churches and between churches’.

The audio messages can be downloaded from either or



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