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God and politics

February 2014

World politicians should not claim that divine nature has sanctioned their policy agenda, a Mormon spokesman has warned.

Writing in regional paper the Oxford mail, Ian Findlay, spokesman for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and member of the Oxford Council of Faiths, said it was right to keep a distance between faith and politics.

He said, ‘To claim divine support for political aims such as the eradication of poverty or caring for the sick seems to me to be quite justifiable. However, to claim that God is on our political side is dangerous and can lead at worst to tyranny and terrorism’.

His comments followed a seminar given in the UK by a Mormon Republican Senator from the US. He added: ‘Helping to eradicate poverty is quite different from claiming divine support for particular ways of achieving these aims or for suggesting that alternative ways of achieving them are evil.

‘While we may have a divine mandate to care for the poor, may I suggest that it’s up to us whether we do this through generous tax-funded, social security benefits or through generous charitable donations’.