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February 2014

The UK needs more than 9000 new foster carers to cope with the rising need among children and young people in this country, Barnardo’s has warned.

The children’s charity has started to spearhead a campaign to highlight the need for foster carers, as more than 90,000 children were put on the care register at the end of 2013.

According to a spokesman for Barnardo’s, market research has shown that people with religious beliefs are more likely to foster than those who have no faith.

To help kick-start the campaign, Barnardo’s has garnered the support of some British celebrities, such as Lesley Joseph from Birds of a feather, Dr Who’s Peter Capaldi and singer Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud.

A video will be used in an appeal to the public, asking them to help create happy childhood memories for children who are currently ‘languishing’ in the care system.


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