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The life of Brian

February 2014

A senior UK cleric has claimed, in astonishing and offensive comments, that the controversial Monty Python film The life of Brian is ‘a remarkable tribute to the life of Jesus’.

Speaking on the BBC’s Radio 4 Today programme as a guest, while appearing alongside remaining members of the Monty Python team, Rev. Professor Richard Burridge, who sits on the Church of England’s general synod and is dean of King’s College London, said those who considered the 1979 film as blasphemous were ‘embarrassingly ill-informed’.

His comments were reported in the Daily Mail, which quoted Prof. Burridge as saying the film’s depiction of first century Judea was probably more accurate than in many Hollywood films about Jesus.

He said, ‘I think it is an extraordinary tribute to the life and work and teaching of Jesus — that they couldn’t actually blaspheme or make a joke out of it. They were satirising closed minds; they were satirising fundamentalism and persecution of others and at the same time saying the one person who rises above all this was Jesus,and I think that the church missed that’.



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