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Librarians’ fellowship

February 2014

A body founded in 1976 to provide a meeting of like minds for Christian librarians has changed its name and rebranded to reflect the digital information age.

According to Graham Hedges, secretary of the Librarians’ Christian Fellowship, the name was changing to ‘Christians in Library and Information Services’.

He said, ‘Our new name reflects the diverse working environments in which our members operate, not all of which are adequately described by the traditional term “libraries”.

‘We are keen to recruit Christians who work in libraries of all kinds, but we are also interested in attracting members who would describe themselves in other ways, for example as information officers, knowledge managers or archivists’.

Mr Hedges added that the new brand would be launched officially at the organisation’s yearly conference, called Moving Forward, which will be held on 5 April in London.

The guest speakers are set to be Dr Neil Hudson, director of the Imagine project at the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity, and Dr Peter Brierley, independent consultant.


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