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February 2014

A series of rules aimed at tightening abortion laws in Spain have led to misguided compromises, Paul Tully has claimed.

The general secretary of pro-life lobby organisation the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) said the Spanish government’s proposals, in fulfilment of their pre-election pledges, were a measure of sincerity but ‘lacked sound rational basis’.

He said the proposed law in Spain would still allow abortion, should doctors decide there was a threat to the mother’s health or when it was suspected or alleged that the baby was conceived in a non-consensual act.

However, Mr Tully said, ‘Killing unborn children conceived in rape perpetuates the stigma of rape and punishes the wrong people. There is no rational basis for saying that babies in this situation are any different from others or deserve to be killed before birth’.

He said the same could be said of situations where there is a threat to the mother’s health, adding that, ‘in some situations the care of children after birth may have a serious effect on the mother’s health. Should we kill children in those situations?’

He warned that the law should not be based on arbitrary decisions about past events or the limitations of health services, but on protection of the human person. ‘Our awareness of the human characteristics of the unborn increases from year to year with new discoveries about the behaviour of the baby in the womb and his or her developing capacities’.

According to SPUC research, abortion poses risks to mental health, as in the recent case of Emma Beck from Cornwall, who committed suicide after an abortion. Some women have died recently in the UK from the physical aftermath of abortions.



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