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EP sets up new mission organisation

February 2014

The board of EP Books (Evangelical Press) has set up its non-English language missionary work (previously EP Mission) as an independent organisation and a legally separate UK charity.

The full name of the new organisation is Evangelical Press Missionary Trust (abbreviated EPMT) and it came into operation on 1 January 2014. The vision is to build on EP Mission’s previous publication and teaching work, aimed at strengthening churches and pastors/leaders in the French and Russian speaking parts of the world.

The reasons for setting up this new organisation can be summarised as follows. First, recent rapid developments in the Christian publishing and financial markets have heightened the EP directors’ awareness that they cannot easily spend sufficient time on the needs of EP Mission.

Secondly, having both EP Books and EP Mission with their very different ways of operating within the same organisation can cause unnecessary complications.

The decision to split off EP Mission as an independent organisation but with largely the same people as directors gives opportunity to attend to the specific needs and opportunities of missionary work, while retaining synergy and cooperation between the two organisations.

Thirdly, EPMT as a separate missionary organisation with its own board of directors provides additional focus in overseas publications, and also allows EP Books to concentrate on its extensive, English-language based mission.

EPMT’s current directors are John Rubens, Roger Fay, John Norris and Kees van Kralingen, with Kees being chairman. Their immediate priorities are to strengthen EPMT’s board with further directors and seek more funds for the publishing work.

The French work (Europresse) is directly led by Jean-Claude Souillot and focusses not only on French-speaking Europe, but, especially, French-speaking West Africa and Haiti. The Russian work is carried out from Minsk, Belarus, by Slava Viazovski and his team.

EPMT’s board of directors feels profound gratitude to the Lord who hitherto has helped and guided. We greatly value the practical support of the Lord’s people and their prayers for his future blessing and guidance, as we seek to spread the gospel of his free grace in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Contacts for EPMT are Kees van Kralingen ([email protected]) and John Rubens ([email protected]). The trust’s postal address is EP Missionary Trust, Faverdale North, Darlington, DL3 0PH.


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