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Protestant Truth Society

February 2014

The Protestant Truth Society (PTS) has published four resolutions, among which is one that laments the way both parties of government have ridden roughshod over biblical principles.

This states: ‘We are saddened that the significant majority of members of both Houses of Parliament continue to undermine the biblical basis to the laws of the UK. We urge them to recognise the value Protestant Christianity has had for our constitution over the centuries, and to cease changing that which is already reformed’.

The PTS also expressed disappointment at the ‘lack of clarity’ shown by the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, in various statements he has made in parliament and elsewhere about the subject of homosexual activity.

The PTS states: ‘We ask him to state on public record that such activity is unequivocally sinful, and to make clear that recent alterations to English law to make legal “same-sex marriage” is an affront to the law of God’.