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Pastor Training International

February 2014

Simon Percy has joined Pastor Training International (PTI) as its first-ever director of ministry. PTI is a charity established in 2004 to provide teaching and resources for pastors in the majority world.

PTI has worked in Africa, India, South East Asia and Eastern Europe. Over 100 training conferences have been held in around 20 countries, with over 3000 pastors.

Mr Percy is responsible for developing and co-ordinating the work of PTI and making it better known in the UK and abroad. For the past 24 years he has been pastor of a church in north-east London and has a keen interest in missionary work and training.

He previously had a strong existing relationship with PTI, having been team leader for the Far East for the past two years, and undertaking preaching conferences for PTI in Africa, Thailand and Myanmar over the past few years.

Mr Percy said, ‘I am delighted to have joined PTI at such an important point in its development — in particular, as we seek to grow the ministry by organising teaching conferences in many more places in the world where “Teach to preach” is so badly needed.

‘My vision is that, every Sunday, the pastors we have trained are better able to faithfully and competently proclaim the Word of God. And that, with the Spirit’s enabling, the lives of those listening are transformed step by step to become more like Jesus’.

Simon (back left in picture) is married to Helen and they have seven children and two grandchildren. He is available to preach at churches and/or to give a presentation of PTI’s work, either on Sundays or at midweek meetings.