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‘Britain’s only hope’

January 2014 | by Peter Murcott

This was the title of a day conference held at Penn Free Methodist Church, near High Wycombe, in September 2013. Britain’s only hope is, of course, a return to the gospel. There were four addresses.

‘Is the nation’s government answerable to God?’ is a particularly live issue. Peter Murcott traced the constitutional development of law-making, and concluded there has been a fundamental departure from the essential intention, in 1688, that all laws should conform to the laws of God. At such a time as this, a ‘quadruple knot’, based on Proverbs 3:1, 3, 5 and 7, is essential for Christians.

‘A present survey of the church and nation’ was undertaken by Pastor Peter Simpson, who said that, ‘One cannot realistically do so without dealing with a particular area of morality, which the secularists are currently promoting for all they are worth’.

He noted that recent marriage legislation was not only ‘an appalling rejection of this nation’s biblical constitution’, but showed just how far the secularisation of this country has gone.

In the afternoon, Pastor Roland Burrows reminded the conference that society was in a very bad condition in the eighteenth century. He described how Wesley and Whitefield went into the open air with the gospel from the 1740s to confront the evil of their day.

Of course, they met with opposition, but mob violence did not deter them. They believed that men and women were lost and that they needed to be saved by grace. They evangelised the new industrial towns, and brought the gospel to children too. Mr Burrows cited the many fruits of revival.

Concluding the afternoon, Pastor David Carson examined the place of God’s law in gospel preaching, noting that, as in times past, many people have no fear of the Lord. The starting point is that sinners need to know what sin is and what God thinks of it. ‘By the law of God is the knowledge of sin’; and when the Spirit is come, he will reprove the world of sin.

(CDs from Peter Simpson, Chapel Cottage, Church Road, Penn, HP10 8NU; £5.00 cheque, incl. postage, to ‘Penn Free Methodist Church’).

Peter Murcott

Pic (l to r): Roland Burrows, Peter Simpson, Peter Murcott, David Carson