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Charges dropped

January 2014

Christian Concern has hailed a decision by the London Borough of Wandsworth to drop charges against Dominic Muir for preaching in Battersea Park in August last year.

He set up a public address system in the park on 11 August, read from the Bible and handed out Christian tracts. However, a police officer claimed that he would be prosecuted because he didn’t have permission to preach there.

The council alleged that Mr Muir had breached little-used byelaws which ban street preaching in certain parts of the borough. Christian Concern helped Mr Muir and attended the first hearing in September at Richmond upon Thames Magistrates Court, where he entered a not guilty plea and the matter was adjourned for trial.

However, before the two parties met in court, the council informed Mr Muir that it was dropping its prosecution. A Christian Concern statement said, ‘We know from Romans 10 that people can’t be saved without hearing the gospel, and they won’t hear the gospel unless someone preaches it to them.

‘That’s why the freedom to preach the gospel in public places is so important. We were only able to help Mr Muir because we had the resources. And we only had the resources because of donations from supporters’.