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January 2014

An anti-euthanasia coalition was launched in Brussels to combat the growing threat of assisted suicide across the continent.

Dr Kevin Fitzpatrick, OBE, co-ordinator of the new Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Europe (EPC-Europe), said the group has brought together organisations and individuals to campaign against the erosion of laws that protect people from euthanasia.

The aim of the group is to act as a powerful voice against attempts to change laws across Europe that protect people from euthanasia and assisted suicide.

He said, ‘The UK, France and Germany are currently considering legislation, but overwhelming evidence from jurisdictions where euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide is legal, such as Belgium and the Netherlands, demonstrates beyond doubt, how quickly and easily euthanasia is extended to others, especially disabled people and elderly people.

‘High-profile cases here have provoked international outrage, leading commentators to think of Belgium as the new world leader in exploiting euthanasia, against those with disabilities and mental health issues, for example’.






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