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Dangerous precedents

January 2014

Pop icons Rihanna and Miley Cyrus have set a dangerous example for young girls, mothering website Netmums has claimed.

As reported in The Times, Siobhan Freegard, founder of Netmums, claimed the modern pop stars were having a damaging effect on children because of their raunchy lyrics and videos.

According to a poll conducted among the Netmums community, three quarters of mums had attempted to stop their children from watching music videos.

Some 80 per cent said they had heard their children repeating sexually explicit lyrics and copied overtly sexual dance moves after being exposed to explicit pop music.

The report said that most parents with daughters were also worried that such pop acts would teach girls that they would be ‘judged on their looks, not their achievements or personality’.

Boys would grow up expecting women to be ‘too sexually available’ and that they should have ‘unrealistic, porn-star-style body shapes’. Ms Freegard said, ‘It’s toxic to tell young kids casual sex and violence are something to aspire to’.