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January 2014

The prison service is feeling the pinch of recession, Christian Prison Resources has claimed.

Its newsletter states, ‘There have been many redundancies amongst the staff and these have directly affected the work we do in many of our prisons.

‘There have been regime changes, which mean that, at any one time, half the prison is on what is known as “lockdown”, i.e. the prisoners are not unlocked for any reason apart from visits for different times in the prison day.

‘At least half of the prisoners who want to come to the Mark Time course are therefore not able to do so (in some cases not even half the prisoners are able to attend the course)’.

According to the evangelistic charity, prisoners are also often prevented from going to their studies or work when there is lock-down, and on some occasions none have been able to get to the Bible study. The newsletter called on supporters for renewed prayer.