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Arnold Road, Nottingham

January 2014 | by Nathan Pomeroy

On 16 November, 150 people gathered at Arnold Road Evangelical Church, north Nottingham, to celebrate the opening of their new building.

The civic ceremony began with the Lord Mayor of Nottingham cutting the ribbon, after which the pastor declared that the building was dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, for the glory of God.

The Lord Mayor stated in her speech: ‘We wish the church well in its aims and good works; and we hope the building here before us will serve the neighbourhood and the wider City of Nottingham for many years, standing as a beacon of hope in a challenging and difficult world’.

Other local dignitaries included Graham Allen MP and the Chief Inspector of Police for north Nottingham. An account of the project included a summary of the gospel, without which the church would not exist. The congregation was also able to watch a photo-animation of the site’s gradual transformation from a wooden hut to this contemporary building.

After a buffet meal, the church gathered to worship God in song and in hearing the Word of God. Richard Underwood, pastoral director of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches, reminded the church of God’s building project. He said, ‘The church must continue to declare the praises of him who has called us out of darkness into his wonderful light’.

Space restricted the number of people we could invite, but we hope to have a further celebration in February for other churches and friends to visit us. Do get in touch if you are interested.

Please pray for us as we reach into our local council estates. We desire the new building to be a place where God’s Word is expounded to reveal the glory of Christ, that, as we behold him, we may be transformed into his image. We pray that the gospel light will shine into the hearts of the people around us.

Nathan Pomeroy

Pic (l to r): Sharon and Nathan (pastor) Pomeroy, Brian Grocock (local councillor), Richard Underwood (FIEC pastoral director), Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Chief Inspector of Police, Graham Allen MP, Derek Kemp (CPL Architect), Huw Mitchell (elder), Daniel Almond (CPL Architect), David Myers (elder)




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