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Have a truly happy Christmas!

December 2013 | by John Thornbury

Have a truly happy Christmas!

May the star of truth lead you to the blessed Saviour, as it did the Magi!

How the Lord first spoke to the Magi who came from the East is a mystery which the Bible does not explain. We only know they followed the star and brought their gifts to Jesus. God’s Word, the Bible, is the bright light in this dark world. It is our only guide to final truth: it is inspired and infallible. But remember, the Bible will always lead you to Jesus Christ.

May you, like the shepherds, hear the ‘good news’ of the gospel!

Can you imagine what an exciting time it was for the shepherds tending their flocks to hear from the angel that Jesus had been born? No wonder they were so thrilled that they ‘came with haste’ to see the baby and later made known the good news. Through the message of Christ’s redeeming grace, each of us can be saved from sin and made partakers of fellowship with the Lord.

May God highly favour you, like Mary!

When the virgin Mary received the news that she had been chosen to be the mother of the Messiah, her heart was filled with humble gratitude. God, she said, ‘has regarded the low estate of his handmaiden’. Mary may have been speaking of her economic or social condition, but through sin we have all been brought to a ‘low estate’ and by divine grace we can be lifted up.

May you, like Simeon, have faith to believe Jesus is the Saviour!

Simeon was one of the people especially chosen, not only to expect the coming of Jesus but to see that coming fulfilled. He ‘waited for the consolation of Israel’. He met the parents of Jesus in the temple and held the infant Saviour in his arms, declaring, ‘My eyes have seen your salvation’. Do you see that the one born in Bethlehem was indeed the Son of God? If Christ becomes precious to you during this season, your Christmas will indeed be blessed.


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