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Media cover-up

December 2013


The mainstream Western media is failing to report the widespread slaughter of Christians overseas, a UK Conservative councillor has claimed.

Cited in a report from the Christian Institute, a blog from Alistair Thompson claimed that the scanty media reporting underlines a ‘systematic failure to stand up for Christians in the East, who over the last decade have faced ethnic cleansing on unimaginable scale’.

He highlighted figures showing that an average of 100,000 Christians have been murdered every year over the past decade. Yet, the media in the US, UK and across the Eurozone has failed to react to this high figure, while politicians, he said, ‘remain silent’.

Mr Thompson wrote: ‘According to the Centre for the Study of Global Christianity, an average 100,000 Christians have been murdered each year over the last decade. A million killed for their faith, or 11 murdered every hour of every day, of every week, but still the West says nothing’.