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Nairobi Conference

December 2013


There must be decisive action taken to prevent the global Anglican Church from being corrupted by theological liberalism, Andrea Williams has said.

Presenting her call for ‘decisive action’ at the Global Anglican Future Conference in Nairobi (GAFCON), the chief executive of Christian Concern and General Synod member said that, across the Anglican Communion as a whole, doctrinal orthodoxy and genuine Christian discipleship is the norm.

However, she added: ‘Sadly that reality can be obscured here in the UK in the midst of disputes within the Church of England. I trust that GAFCON will significantly strengthen the global network within Anglicanism, that is committed to living and speaking authentically for Jesus Christ in the midst of a needy world.

‘We cannot afford for the Anglican Communion to be corrupted or destroyed by the pressures of Western [theological] liberalism. Meanwhile, here in the UK, we need an effective Anglican coalition to ensure the protection of orthodox witness within the Church of England’.

Held during October, more than 1300 ordained and lay leaders from Anglican churches across the world met at this Nairobi conference. Between them, they represent 40 million practising Anglicans globally — a majority of the Anglican Communion, according to organisers.

The event aimed to consider how to protect and promote the doctrinally orthodox Anglican faith within the global Communion, in response to a range of challenges. Underlining the significance of the event, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby met with GAFCON leaders in Kenya ahead of the conference opening.


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