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Doctrines of grace conference

December 2013 | by Kevin Bidwell


Who could have planned a voluntary Bible study on the doctrines of the Reformed faith on board the mission ship MV Doulos? This ship has been decommissioned now by OM, but in 2004-06 our family served on board and we witnessed vigorous interest in solid Christian doctrines from many young people.

Each Saturday night we would hold a Bible study in our cabin, first on the book of Romans for around a year, then followed by a similar study in John’s Gospel.

Upon leaving the ship, we maintained good contact with many of the young people. Some of the young men expressed their desire for a conference for men to further discover the doctrines of grace.

This year represents the sixth such conference — to be held at Bawtry Hall on 6-7 December 2013. The theme will be ‘The order of salvation’. Papers will be presented, followed by lively discussion and the opportunity to ask questions.

Many new people have been added and if you have a desire to learn more about straightforward doctrine, you are most welcome. (More information:


[email protected]

Picture : MV Doulos, Southampton, 2004








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