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John Owen Conference

November 2013

For the past three years I had planned to attend the John Owen Centre’s annual conference, as I had heard how helpful, stimulating and instructive the conferences were for those in pastoral and preaching ministry.
    The one held on 9-10 September was the first I have been able to get to and I am very glad that I did. The theme of the conference followed on from last year’s focus on Adam. The papers brought before us important biblical, theological and pastoral themes from Noah.
    Steffen Jenkins demonstrated, by means of a close attention to the biblical text, how the account of Noah echoes some of the principal themes of Genesis. Garry Williams, with a scintillating depth of detailed analysis, examined the ‘two kingdoms’ thesis of David VanDrunen, a thesis which rests upon a particular understanding of the Noahic covenant.
    In the evening, the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Lecture was delivered by Stephen Clark, speaking in a heart-warming and edifying manner on Noah and the future.
    Day two of the conference was taken up with a discussion of Noah and the sacraments, ably delivered by Ian Hamilton. There was a transcontinental video hook-up with Mark Garcia and a final presentation by Geoff Gobbett on Noah as a preacher for preachers.
    The presentations were stimulating, edifying and useful for a preacher of the Word of God. My mind was nourished abundantly and my heart deeply moved with appreciation for the richness and the power with which God’s Word speaks through Noah.
    Next year’s conference will take place on 8-9 September and will have Abraham as its subject.
Dinu Moga
 FACLIA publishing, Oradea, Romania (