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Wilberforce Publications

November 2013

Christian campaigner Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali has announced he is launching a publishing house to help Christians ‘take a stand’.
    Called Wilberforce Publications, the new house will help provide literature and materials to enable Christians to face the challenges of the secular world.
    Two authors have already published books with Wilberforce Publications: lawyer John Scriven and Dr Richard Scott. Dr Scott’s latest book, Christians in the firing line, has just been released.
    In the foreword to the book, Bishop Nazir-Ali wrote: ‘We are made immediately aware of the price to be paid and the cost involved whether it is loss of employment, the threat of being struck off the registers of professional bodies, or just unpopularity in the community or the media’.
    Dr Scott’s motivation for writing the book was to make known the challenges he and other Christians have faced in the workplace for manifesting their faith.
    Lawyer John Scriven’s Belief and the nation is an application of Christian political philosophy to current concerns, such as human rights, equality, education and freedom of expression.