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Peshawar atrocity

November 2013

The double suicide bombing at a church in Peshawar has ‘broken the hearts of God’s people in Pakistan’, Release International says.
    The bombings, which took place a few weeks ago, are said to be the worst on Christians in Pakistan for many years. The scale of the atrocity has appalled Christians and Muslims alike, especially as many of the dead are children who had been attending Sunday school.
    Reports said that the two suicide bombers detonated two devices at All Saints’ Church in Peshawar, in north-west Pakistan, as hundreds of worshippers were leaving its morning service.
    Their explosives were packed with ball bearings, to inflict maximum damage. The blasts wounded more than 120 people, including many children, and claimed at least 80 lives.
    Paul Robinson, chief executive of Release, said, ‘Our hearts and our prayers go out to the victims. Our partners are doing all they can to offer comfort and practical support. They describe this as the worst attack against Pakistan’s Christian minority in years.’
    According to the BBC, two militant groups with links to the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, which was ‘in retaliation for US drone strikes’.