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November 2013

A Christian family in Germany endured months of agony after the state took their children out of their care because they were being home-schooled.
    The Wunderlich family were raided by 20 police and social workers in August, who took four children, aged 7-14, away by force, as home-schooling is banned in Germany.
    They had to wait for a hearing at a family court in Germany, which decided weeks later that the children of Dirk and Petra Wunderlich could be taken out of state care and returned home to their parents.
    Andrea Williams said, ‘The action of the German authorities is state intrusion of the worst kind. This kind of intrusion is becoming a pan-European problem and it’s being manifested in different ways in different jurisdictions’.
    She added that it remains an important biblical principle that parents have the final say over what their children are taught, not the state.
    ‘Here in Britain, a Scottish head teacher was redeployed recently because she allowed a Christian group to teach the Bible to children. The chaplain was also suspended’.