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Banchory commissioning

November 2013 | by Ian Forbes

On Saturday 17 August, roughly 200 people gathered at Banchory Christian Fellowship Church (BCFC) to attend the commissioning service of Eoghan Paterson to the role of associate pastor.
    The service was led by the pastor, Dr Stuart Keir, while Simon Marshall of Tilsley College, Motherwell, preached from the opening verses of 2 Corinthians 6.
    He explained from these verses how Paul suffered persecution and had his reputation questioned. Spiritual warfare means hard work; true devotion to the gospel is required by the Lord’s servant.
    The congregation heard from previous church leaders and friends who had seen Mr Paterson being prepared by God for his new role. Nigel Bradley, elder at BCFC — which was a church plant begun in 2000 — explained how Mr Paterson and his wife Debbie had worked with the church on a nine-month placement from Tilsley College.
    Subsequently, the congregation felt led by the Lord to give a call to him to a full-time pastoral role. Along with regular preaching and other pastoral duties, Mr Paterson will have specific responsibility for community outreach and mentoring teenagers and young Christians.
    Mr Paterson, who was previously a maths teacher, and his wife are grateful for an open door to the local primary and secondary schools, where they can lead assemblies and assist in teaching religious education. This appointment is a great encouragement and step of faith by the congregation here in north east Scotland.
Ian Forbes


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