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Creation in California

October 2013

Professor Andy McIntosh recently spoke at two meetings at churches in California. The first was in Redding, near California’s northern border.
    The pastor who ran the meeting, Al Franklin, has a huge collection of fascinating fossils, so the subject of rocks and fossils was close to his heart. He showed Prof. McIntosh crabs, exquisitely preserved fish, plants and leaves. There was a beautiful, needle fish fossil, with its last meal of another fish preserved in its stomach.
    One talk was on Thermodynamics and Information, which, Andy says, ‘is not a walk in the park’. The audience followed it and some realised the implications — information is impossible to get from matter without intelligence. It is like saying a Dell computer made its own software.
    There is a great need in the United States for the creation message, as churches there will quickly lose their own children to the evolutionary mindset now flooding the colleges.
    The second meeting was with Pastor Phil Foley, in the suburb of Vallejo, on the eastern side of San Francisco. Another meeting was held at Grace Bible Church in Roseville, near Sacramento, with Pastor Rod Santiago. Both meetings saw books and DVDs devoured which had been sent from Answers in Genesis (AiG) in Kentucky.

All these godly pastors are staunch supporters of the creation message and there is a real thirst in these churches for the biblical message, the evidence of design and of the flood.
    All three churches had asked others to join them, but one response from a local nearby church was, ‘Haven’t you seen the Biologos site? Those scientists have said one can have evolution as well as the Bible’! There is no doubt that theistic evolution is on the increase in the US and the church is crumbling on the issue.
    As Ken Ham stated at the International Creation Conference in Pittsburgh, if people had come to such evangelical churches and said that they did not believe in the virgin birth or the resurrection, all evangelical churches would see the error. When creation is doubted, many evangelicals do not see that this undermines the gospel.

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