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Tackling pornography

October 2013

A conference aimed at equipping pastors and parents to deal with porn will be held in Watford on 18-19 October.
    Porn Scars is aimed at equipping pastors and parents to deal with porn, which organisers say is often an unspoken struggle for many Christians, given its corrosive nature.
    Organisers say that the conference, aimed at those over 16, will be more of an experience than a conference, and will be mainly creative, using music, film, seminars and talks.
    Karin Cooke, director of Porn Scars and one of the speakers, said, ‘There is an increase in use of pornography right across the generations and this does not exclude Christians and those involved in leadership and ministry. Porn Scars is gathering the church in the UK to “take down the giant” of porn in this nation. The church is the hope of the world, and so it starts with us’.
    Other speakers include Rachel Gardner from Romance Academy, CARE’s Lyndon Bowring, Dave Thomas from Freedom Church, Ian Henderson from the Message Trust and Caleb Meakins from Last Man Standing.
    Since 2011, there have been two Porn Scars conferences, attracting over 400 people. There are five more conferences being planned over the next 12 months.
    Seminars include: how to block porn on your computer and IT products; equipping leaders and parents to deal with porn within churches and homes; pastoring people within church to get free from porn; and working with young people using pornography.

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