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Pro-life conference

September 2013

Christian Concern has teamed up with Abort67 to run a two day pro-life training conference at the Clarkson Academy in London, from 5-7 September.

The academy exists to produce effective ambassadors for the most vulnerable in our society — unborn children. Speakers will include some of the best pro-life leaders in the world.

Delegates will be trained to defend the pro-life position and engage in pro-life work. Organisers say that by equipping and activating a network of motivated, loving and confident pro-life leaders, the present desperate situation can be turned around.

Topics include tactics for graciously engaging critics; how to defend the pro-life position in five minutes; and how to engage a society that isn’t asking questions.

Speakers include Scott Klusendorf, who travels throughout the US and Canada training pro-life advocates; and Gregg Cunningham, a former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives who introduced legislation to end the public funding of abortion, and who was a prime sponsor of the Abortion Control Act litigated before the US Supreme Court (in Thornburgh vs. the American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology).

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