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Unborn baby saved

September 2013

An unborn baby was saved in Brighton after Christian pro-life volunteers spoke to a woman outside an abortion clinic.

Abort67 volunteers Pauline Peachy and Kathryn Attwood were outside the Wistons abortion clinic when a young woman came out and spoke to them. Ms Peachy said, ‘She hadn’t taken the pill. She took some leaflets, but when I showed her the little feet pin she started to cry.

‘We talked together for a while. We asked her what help she needed to keep the baby, said that whatever it was we could provide it (God has never let us down!).

‘We decided to go to a cafe where we could talk. She was afraid; her husband was afraid. She was a Catholic who believed in God. She wanted to have an early abortion because she thought it wasn’t really a baby yet’.

Ms Attwood added: ‘After our conversation with her, she was adamant she would keep the baby no matter what anybody said. That baby was saved through a combination of factors — firstly, the Holy Spirit softening her heart through prayer; secondly, our obedience to God to stand outside the clinic and openly share with her the reality of abortion’.


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