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September 2013

Dave Workman heads an Open Air Campaigners (OAC) outreach ministry throughout Kent, particularly working with teenagers.

OAC teams conduct outreach and evangelistic activities in different areas, working with local churches on an interdenominational basis. Dave leads a team of helpers who give their time and energies to a youth club. Non-Christian teenagers come along to socialise and play sports.

During the youth club evening they spend 15 minutes looking at life issues connected with God, trying to steer the youth away from drugs, drink and sex. Now a few teenagers have become serious about the gospel

Wild parties often draw young people in their teens, resulting in an increase in drinking, drugs and violence. One typical young girl was Gemma (not her actual name) who was heavily into partying and fighting.

Gemma grilled Dave Workman for months about such issues as creation versus evolution, and heaven and hell. Recently she realised the truth of the good news and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour. Dave noted that putting Jesus first in her life was the key issue for Gemma; ‘calling him Lord was her final surrender point’.

Her changed life is characterised by joy as she shares the gospel with family and friends. She reads the Bible, goes to church and joins others in outreach.

Gemma still battles with her tendencies to fight. Coming from a dysfunctional family, she has taken a stand by attending church. Although initially negative, family members can see a real difference in her.

Peer pressure can influence a teenager, which is why it is important to have Christian teenagers involved in the ministry.

In the case of Gemma, as she struggles to overcome her aggressive background, she knows that she can rely on the loving network offered by Christian teenagers. They accept her and encourage her as she grows with the Lord.

Two of the Christian teenagers involved in this youth work, Jessica and Daniel, are Dave and Vicki Workman’s children.










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