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Campus Church

September 2013

On Saturday 22 June, Chris Davies was ordained and inducted as assistant pastor of Campus Church, Welwyn Garden City.

Around 110 people attended, including visitors from Newark Evangelical Church where Chris and his wife Abigail were members; London Theological Seminary (LTS) where Chris is studying; and other churches in Hertfordshire.

Professor Edgar Andrews welcomed the congregation and led the worship. He explained that he would remain acting pastor until Chris completes his studies next year.

The church’s former pastor, Stephen Bignall, returned to missionary work in Australia three years ago, and during that time the Lord has provided graciously. The time of waiting came to an end last September, when Chris’ need of a church accessible to LTS and the church’s need for help were brought together. Prof. Andrews said, ‘This was the Lord’s doing and marvellous in our eyes’.

Chris Davies then spoke of his calling to pastoral ministry, a conviction which grew over several years and culminated in his ordination at Campus. After this, he and Edgar read statements of commitment and undertaking.

The ordination and induction took place, with the laying on of hands and prayer by LTS principal Robert Strivens, Edgar Andrews, and Chris’ father and grandfather. The Word was preached by Simon Clarke of Shepshed Evangelical Free Church, who spoke from 1 Thessalonians 2.

Mr Clarke urged Chris to be committed to the gospel, centred on pleasing and praising God, and Christlike in character. Simon then closed the meeting in prayer. Fellowship continued over a buffet tea.