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Oxford professor draws crowds

September 2013

There is no conflict between science and the Christian faith, declared Oxford University mathematician Professor John Lennox at this July’s Keswick Convention.

      Prof. Lennox, who gave the daily Bible talks, said that Bill Phillips, a physicist who won the Nobel prize for his work, is a Christian. He added: ‘The battle is not between God and science. There is a battle, between the world view of theism and atheism, and there are scientists on both sides.

      ‘Dawkins and co will tell everyone that the only rationally intelligent position to hold is atheism. I feel the exact opposite. Atheism satisfies Dawkins’ definition of a delusion’.

      Giving the ‘Keswick Lecture’ on 24 July, he spoke on dealing with the new atheists. ‘A great deal of damage is being done by the new atheism. It’s best described as anti-theism, anti-God. It’s important to realise not all atheists are aggressive. But we have to talk about the new atheists because of the influence they have’.

      He strongly criticised the claims of the new atheists, particularly the claim that Christianity causes harm and does no good, and that atheism is morally neutral. ‘If Richard Dawkins is claiming to be a scientist, he’s not going about it with a scientific attitude at all’.

      Prof. Lennox cited the Christian foundations of human rights, hospitals and schools and the scientific evidence that religion benefited mental health. He pointed out the harm that has been done by atheists like Stalin. Free audio recordings of his talks are available on the Keswick website (