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UCCF links up new students to Christian Unions

August 2013 | by Pod Bhogal

UCCF has launched its 2013 Student Link Up initiative by giving a special Uncover — Starting Uni Edition version of Luke’s Gospel to school leavers when they link up to their university Christian Union.

Inspired by the Uncover Gospel Project, which has seen around 80,000 copies of Luke being personally used by students in their evangelism, Uncover — Starting Uni Edition features a host of online resources specifically designed to help Christian freshers adjust to their new environment.

These include a termly Bible reading plan in Luke’s Gospel and video resources that help them find a local church and join the Christian Union.

The link up scheme has been set up by UCCF as a response to increasing concerns amidst parents and church youth workers about young Christians leaving home and going to university.

Gary Brown, pastor of New Life Church in Whitehaven, will see his son, Mathew, leave home for university in September. He commented: ‘I worry about the influence of others, new people in a new environment with different ethics and agendas. I worry about him making good friends and about him getting into fellowship with other Christians’.


Gary continues: ‘One of the things I’m grateful for is the established ministry of the UCCF. I think it makes all the difference in the world that he has the opportunity to link up with other Christians who will share his worldview, questions and battles. I think this is a particular benefit when he first gets to university’.

As well as receiving an Uncover — Starting Uni Edition Gospel, students who link up will also get a warm welcome from the CU upon arrival at university, an introduction to a variety of local churches through the CU church search programme, and support from CU friends who will help them live and speak for Jesus at university.

Patrick Boksan-Cullen, a computer science student at Bath University, said, ‘I linked up over the summer and received e-mails about what the CU was doing during freshers’ week. I felt welcomed before they’d even met me. Most usefully, it was good to know that the morning after I arrived (which was a Sunday) the CU was running church search’.

Uncover — Starting Uni Edition Gospels are free for students who link up to a Christian Union at Alternatively, you can link up students you know on their behalf and gift them an Uncover — Starting Uni Edition Gospel for just £2.50 from The link up process is completely free.

Pod Bhogal