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Three million and counting

August 2013

On OM Ships vessel Logos Hope’s second day (Wednesday 3 July) in Puerto Princesa, Philippines, crew and staff welcomed the three millionth visitor to the ship.

Ms Cyrille Fernando, age 20, a Puerto Princesa resident and student of environmental science at Palawan State University, was welcomed on board by Captain Dirk Colenbrander, director Lloyd Nicholas and crew members in international dress.

‘I feel nervous and excited’, commented Cyrille, who visited the ship with her brother Irishtan and cousin Jhoshep after hearing about Logos Hope from a friend. ‘This is my first time on Logos Hope!’

Cyrille was presented with a picture of Logos Hope, a Bible, a book about the history of the ship and a gift voucher to spend in the book fair. Lloyd Nicholas expressed the significance of this special event. ‘Today we celebrate that three million people have so far visited Logos Hope.

‘That’s simply amazing’, he said. ‘Even more amazing is that three million people have experienced a moment of respect, of friendship, of love, and of hope as they have been welcomed on board, walked around the deck, met a crewmember and heard the message of God’s grace and love for them’.

Two milestones

Reaching this milestone on 3 July wasn’t OM’s only reason to celebrate, as George Verwer, OM Founder, celebrated his 75th birthday on the same day.

Locals in Puerto Princesa eagerly awaited the ship’s arrival. The mayor of Puerto Princesa, the Honourable Lucilo Bayron, also paid a visit to Logos Hope the same day as the three millionth visitor.

Puerto Princesa was the vessel’s third port of call in the Philippines in 2013. Logos Hope remained there until 8 July and then sailed to Kuching, Malaysia.

During the visit to the Philippines, crew members invited locals to experience the unique atmosphere and diversity of over 45 nationalities represented on board in creative programmes.

Teams went out to serve local communities in practical ways: setting up libraries, providing hygiene instruction and helping with construction projects. Teams also visited city jails to bring the message of hope in Christ to inmates.

Gospel literature is available to all who visit the ship, and crew and staff share the good news of God’s love wherever they serve. This ministry to communities all around the world is only made possible by the generosity of individuals, churches and other groups.








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