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Liverpool Bible Convention

August 2013 | by David Bulfield

During the first week in May, the Liverpool Bible Convention took place, with meetings for Bible study and ministry.

The convention began in the early 1940s and was originally held in Calvary Baptist Church. More recently it has been held at a variety of evangelical churches across the city.

Those who gathered were blessed with good Bible ministry. Mick Lockwood of Haworth started the week by preaching from Philippians 4. He said that God’s people need to live lives that are holy and at peace with one another, with Christ giving us the perfect example of how to live.

Mark Thomas of Borras Park, Wrexham, spoke from Acts 16. He described the three elements needed for salvation in terms of combustion: the heart as the combustible material, the oxygen of the Word of God, and the spark of his grace.

Pastor Thomas spoke of how, at the perfect time, the Lord had prepared Lydia’s heart to receive Paul’s preaching of the Word. He said that God, by his grace, gave her spiritual understanding, and so an unquenchable fire was kindled in her to spread the gospel.  

Christ’s sufferings

Later in the week, Paul Howell of Castleford preached from Mark 15. He spoke about all that Christ suffered on the cross during the three hours of darkness. He described how Christ bore in full the penalty for sin and separation from the Father, so that his people need not fear God’s wrath, and can look forward to that glorious day when they shall enjoy the full light of his presence.

Finally, Alan McNabb of Stafford preached on the account of Ahithophel in 2 Samuel 16. He reminded everyone of the need to not judge anything before its time. He said that churches should have the mind of Christ, who did not revile others even when they reviled him.

The meetings were well attended by members and friends of the six Listen Liverpool churches and other churches. Good fellowship was enjoyed by all who gathered.

In May 2014 the meetings will return to Calvary Baptist Church, Liverpool, where they first began. We trust that God will be pleased to bless these gatherings for many years to come. The four 2013 messages can be heard at