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Handover at Pantiles

July 2013 | by Andrew Hannan


After 25 years of service, David Levell is finishing as pastor of Pantiles Baptist Church, Tunbridge Wells. Special services were held on 5 May to mark the handover of the pastorate, after Gareth Jones accepted the invitation to be the new pastor, from the church and deacons.

      Andrew Hannan, deacon, said, ‘We are so grateful to God for bringing Gareth and Pantiles together, and that there will be only a couple of months between the end of David’s ministry and the start of Gareth’s.’

      At the morning service, David spoke on Ephesians 4, urging the church and the new pastor to stand firm on the eternal truths of Scripture and move forward with God.

      Preaching at the evening service, Gareth brought three exhortations from Psalm 34, concluding with, ‘Oh, fear the Lord, you his saints’.

      David Levell takes up the pastorate at Reeth Evangelical Congregational Church in July and Gareth Jones moves to Pantiles from Milland Evangelical Church in August.

Andrew Hannan


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