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Scottish Reformed Conference

July 2013 | by Richard Buckley

On Saturday 11 May the 24th annual Scottish Reformed Conference (SRC) took place at Hamilton College, Glasgow.

Conference delegates were greatly blessed through the guest speakers, Bill Hughes and Martin Allen, both experienced pastors and preachers.

Bill Hughes spoke on Hebrews 1, about Christ’s eternal being and atoning work, reminding everyone that the ‘word of encouragement’ was written to believers who were becoming despondent and turning away from Christ.

He said that all the purposes and ways of God in the world are focussed in Christ and that God can cope with all the hardships we go through. He qualified this by speaking about Christ’s atonement made for us, referring to the words ‘It is finished’ from John’s Gospel, and explaining that the original Greek means ‘paid in full’.

Martin Allen spoke on the life of Habakkuk, reflecting on the terrifying experiences Habakkuk faced, yet knowing that ‘the righteous live by faith’. Using Habakkuk 3:17-18, he spoke about four principles of joyful faith.

Next year SRC celebrates its 25th anniversary. The committee and chairman, David Carmichael, will be welcoming Dr Sinclair Ferguson as guest speaker.

Richard Buckley