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Madagascan pastor dies

July 2013 | by Gary Brady

On 29 May the funeral took place in Madagascar of Ravaka Rajo, a Baptist pastor and college principal, and father of two young children.

      Ravaka was hit by a motorcycle near his home and suffered a head injury. He was taken to hospital, but doctors were unable to help him. He was in a coma and died the next day.

      His wife had originally worked at a Christian hospital in Madagascar. They later came to London and Ravaka trained at the London Theological Seminary and began studies in the John Owen Centre.

      Ravaka was a gentle and intelligent man of God, with a winning smile, who will be greatly missed by the Baptist churches of Madagascar. He leaves behind his wife, Liz, and two children aged eight and nine.  Gifts for their financial support can be given to Childs Hill Baptist Church, London.

      Ravaka’s death is a reminder that all our days are numbered and that God sometimes moves in mysterious ways.

Gary Brady

Pastor of Childs Hill Baptist Church




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