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Save our babies

July 2013

Eight million babies have died since the Abortion Act kicked in 45 years ago, but the church can yet change things, says Christian Concern (CC).

      The organisation is urging Christians to repent of their apathy over the loss of so many little human lives. In a statement, it said, ‘We as a nation have allowed these lives to be taken. Many, many people have been directly affected.

      ‘Let’s take the opportunity to turn to the Lord in prayer, repent of our apathy, ask for his forgiveness and plead with him mercifully to bring change and healing in our nation.

      ‘Yet amidst the sadness and devastation that abortion has wrought on our nation, there is light shining into the darkness. Apart from prayer, Christians need to take action and be part of the answer to our prayers for transformation’.

      Christians can pray and support the pro-life work being done in Parliament, including by MP Fiona Bruce. As part of the campaign for monitoring of abortions by gender, Ms Bruce has called on the government to start keeping a record, given the known discrepancy between the number of baby boys and girls being aborted in the UK.

      To see interview with Ms Bruce, visit You can also write to your MP, telling them that you would like to see an end to abortion.