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Wheelock Heath

July 2013

On 4 May Paul Gibson was inducted into the pastorate at Wheelock Heath Baptist Church, Cheshire.

      Paul came to faith at Oxford University and worked as a teacher in Maidenhead. He later became an apprentice at Danbury Mission Evangelical Church, where he completed the Cornhill training course.

      While studying at Oakhill Theological College, he and his wife Helen joined High Barnet Baptist Church. In 2011, he became pastor-in-training at Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Leamington Spa, and subsequently an elder there.

      Over 160 members and friends attended the induction, chaired by Bob Baxter. Fellow elder, Peter Butler, spoke about calling and the nature of biblical leadership. Paul then told how God had led him in ministry to his arrival in Cheshire.

      Bryan Jarvis, an elder in Leamington Spa, presented a commendation of Paul’s gifts and character. The induction was performed by Simon Medcroft of Danbury Mission, followed by prayers for Paul’s ministry.

      Bill James spoke on 1 Peter 5:1-4, describing the role and character of an elder. The afternoon concluded with tea and fellowship.


Pic.(l to r): Peter Butler, Simon Medcroft, Bill James, Timothy, Helen, Sarah and Paul Gibson, Bob Baxter, Bryan Jarvis

Peter Baker