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Sharing the good news of Jesus in North Wales

July 2013

Llandudno’s weekend Victorian Extravaganza in May again saw a UBM team witnessing to the tens of thousands of holidaymakers and day visitors in this North Wales resort.


The United Beach Mission team of 25 ran open air meetings and a market stall in one of the main streets. At the evening events, Professor Steve Taylor from Liverpool spoke on ‘Science and Christianity — enemies or friends?’

      Sara Webster shared her story of how the Lord in his goodness had brought her through life-threatening meningitis. Although she had her legs amputated, she survived and went on to work as a GP, raise a family and serve the Lord in the local church.

      Many people were spoken to about the gospel and a large amount of Christian literature and DVDs were given out.

      There were many real gospel opportunities. One lady who said she wanted to go back to church was given a DVD and John’s Gospel. A lady whose daughter had died heckled in the open air meeting but took leaflets afterwards and her husband took a copy of Ultimate Questions; a Muslim man, who came to several meetings, had a long conversation with one of the team. He took booklets and promised to keep in touch by email.                 

‘What a fantastic weekend with great opportunities for the gospel!’ said Sue Heyes from Wigan, who was on the team.

      Steve Taylor, joint leader for the weekend and chair of UBM, said: ‘It was a great weekend of outreach and fellowship. There’s no doubt about the value of open air evangelism.’

      ‘It is a method that the Lord himself and his apostles used. It’s going to where the people are. When sensitively done, open air evangelism reaches people of all ages and all types, some of whom would never otherwise come into our churches’.

60 years

This year it is 60 years since United Beach Missions first started open air and children’s meetings on the large promenade at Llandudno.

      This summer there will be many beach teams working in England, Wales and Ireland, and on the continent, as well as ‘Christian Answer’ open air proclamations in London, Canterbury, Chester, Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Bournemouth and Kirkby.

      The mission is looking to the Lord for 1000 people of all ages to join a team and share the joy of serving him. The UBM office is 0113 230 4362 ( Or contact [email protected] (07853985715).

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