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Port Harcourt update

June 2013

Christian work in south Nigeria has seen significant growth and challenges. According to Pastor Ani Ekpo, some of these outposts in Akwa Ibom State — one of which has become a Reformed Grace Baptist Church, about 200km from Port Harcourt — have been meeting a lot of opposition from Charismatic churches.

     At Abak, near Uyo, the state capital, another pastor, Ime Ukombe, has seen tremendous growth, with ‘a crowd of men and women in the fellowship’. Pastor Ekpo added: ‘Two of our members from Port Harcourt have relocated to this fellowship. Pastor Ime combines his church planting with carpentry and roofing work to earn a living.

     ‘Please pray for the progress of this fast-growing fellowship. I sensed their zeal of receiving and loving the Word of God’.

     Faith Reformed Baptist Church, in Ikot Ekpene, has seen opposition. Pastor Useh, who planted this church in 2002, was accused during a sermon of not speaking the truth; the accuser disrupted the service for 30 minutes.

     However, Mr Ekpo said the evangelistic zeal in the region has borne fruit in the form of dozens of baptisms in various sister churches. During an Easter teaching conference, held for four days at Port Harcourt’s Reformed Tabernacle, many visitors came.

     On Good Friday, people were given tracts during an open air evangelism session, which featured big posters of scripture texts from the Trinitarian Bible Society.

     However, Mr Ekpo has been diagnosed with typhoid and malaria infections. He has undergone treatment, but continues to suffer headaches. He needs prayers for the Lord’s help in his numerous labours for the Lord.