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Andy Mac in America

June 2013

The strong interest that some churches have shown in Creation ministry meant many people were drawn to hear Professor Andy McIntosh speak on creation during his recent tour in America.

     Prof. McIntosh spent a valuable time in Ballston Lake Reformed Baptist Church and in Albany Baptist. He said, ‘Both churches have taken a strong interest in the Creation ministry. There has been much interest in the books, kindly provided by Answers in Genesis, and we have had many conversations with people’.

     Prof. McIntosh also took part in various meetings, seminars and university debates (which he said were ‘not easy’). In one debate, an evolutionist was arguing that bones move their position in birds, muscles change location, and feathers emerge from scales.

     However, Prof. McIntosh said, ‘This is the usual line of evolutionists. But precisely how these changes were made is never explained. [The evolutionist had] a lot of knowledge and made a spirited defence of his position, but in reality had little precise evidence for any of his assertions’.

     Andy McIntosh added that, in answer to a question from the floor, he said, ‘There are important issues which hinge on these matters, for if the Creation account is true then we can trust the rest of the Bible.

     ‘In particular, [we can trust] the words of Christ, who refers to Genesis, and therefore trust the greater statements concerning redemption and [Christ’s] work on the Cross’.       On this occasion, there were 50-60 present, with a ratio of 50:50 believers/unbelievers.




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