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Online funding

May 2013

The National Churches Trust and JustGiving have made it easier to help Christian places of worship and religious significance raise funds for essential repairs.

     By teaming up with the online charity fundraising site, churches, chapels and meeting houses joining the scheme will get access to the JustGiving fundraising platform, saving a £15-a-month subscription fee.

     As well as an online fundraising page, is the option to allow text donations. If donating by text, the donor only pays what they wish to donate and will not be charged for the text. The full amount of the donation, with no deductions, will be paid to the church.

     Both online and text donations can be gift-aided to maximise the benefit of the donation. The fundraising partnership is being launched to mark the 60th anniversary of the National Churches Trust.

     There are an estimated 47,000 Christian places of worship in the UK and many will be eligible to benefit from the National Churches Trust and JustGiving fundraising partnership.