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May 2013 | by Dr Chris Richards (Lovewise)

To help equip Christians to uphold the biblical perspective of marriage, charity Lovewise has created a new marriage DVD. Today, in the UK, the very meaning of the word ‘marriage’ is under threat from government proposals to redefine it in law.

     Now more than ever, our young people need to hear faithful teaching about marriage from a biblical perspective.

Lovewise is a Christian charity founded in 2003 by two paediatric doctors, concerned about the large number of young people in their clinics suffering emotionally and physically from failing relationships in their families and lives.

To counteract this, Lovewise started producing resources for young people about marriage, relationships and sex from a biblical perspective. The resulting presentations have been used in schools and church youth groups over the last ten years.

The goodness of God’s design for the family is explained from passages such as Genesis 2:24, as well as marriage being the only right context for sexual intimacy. The practical consequences of ignoring God’s commands, in the sad realities of unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections and emotional damage, are also discussed.

Many young people have not heard these subjects discussed in detail from a Christian perspective. It is hard for them to make wise decisions when they are bombarded by so many mixed messages about relationships, particularly in the media.

Difficult questions

The Lovewise DVD presents four sessions of approximately 10 minutes exploring the essence of marriage, commitment between a man and a woman, and the benefits of marriage to the couple, children and society. It looks at the role of sex in marriage and the blessings of keeping sex for marriage.

In any sphere, these topics raise difficult questions. But the DVD sensitively covers the subjects and includes interviews with couples and individuals from various backgrounds and generations, who openly discuss their first-hand experiences.

Some of the clips include personal testimonies of those who have experienced difficulties and made mistakes. Sadly, such experiences are a reality for many young people. It is hoped that, through this DVD, they will realise there is a way of living which honours God.

The DVD is available with two versions of accompanying material — for churches and for schools. For church youth groups, the DVD designed for young people aged 14-18 is accompanied by a leader’s resource booklet. This includes opening activities to promote initial discussion and notes for Bible study.

For schools, the DVD, aimed at Key Stage 4 pupils (years 10-11; ages 14-16), can be used in RE, PSHE and citizenship classes. Topics in the GCSE RE curriculum are covered in detail. This is accompanied by a teacher’s resource book, which includes activities, discussion questions and handouts to engage the class and allow pupils to reflect personally on the issues.

If you would like to learn more about the marriage DVD or order a copy, please contact the Lovewise office at 0191 281 3636 or e-mail [email protected]






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