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Britons and prayer

May 2013

Britons may not like going to church, but they still believe in the power of prayer, a survey has found.

     According to the findings of an ICM survey, conducted on behalf of the Church of England among 2000 people nationwide, four in five British adults still believe in the power of prayer.

     When asked what they would pray for, nearly one third said world peace, followed by an end to poverty, at 27 per cent.

     Some 22 per cent said they would pray for healing for another person, while 5 per cent said they did not know what they would pray for. Fourteen per cent said they would never pray.

     However, the majority of the ‘prayerful’ people in this survey were the over-65s, at 89 per cent of the respondents. Young people aged 18-24 were the second largest praying group, at 85 per cent.

     To encourage more people to pray, the Church of England has been inviting members of the public to post prayer requests on its web site and Facebook page.