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Sheffield University

May 2013

Liberal theological students at Sheffield University are reinterpreting the Bible to back up theories that homosexuality is acceptable biblically.

     A project at the university called Hidden Perspectives was launched in April, to ‘challenge the assumptions often made in mainstream and scholarly readings of the Bible’. It claimed that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people ‘feel alienated’ from some religious groups by interpretations of the text.

     The first major event will be a day-long festival (1 June), during which cabaret acts, vocalists, poets, storytellers, artists and academics will offer re-readings, interpretations and re-appropriations of biblical stories or passages that have traditionally been read as ‘anti-gay’.

     The project is being led by Dr Katie Edwards in the Department of Biblical Studies, who is working with feminist activist collective LaDIYfest Sheffield and LGBT groups across Sheffield.

     The project has commissioned a Broadway cabaret actor, Dominic Mattos, to perform at the Hidden Perspectives festival as ‘Angel Gaybrial’. In a statement, he said, ‘As a cabaret performer and publisher of biblical studies books, how could I resist the opportunity to dress up as an angel and do a show about the Bible and popular music?’

     However, amidst this confusion, there is also true Christianity. ET was encouraged to read this statement on the Sheffield University’s Christian Union web site: ‘We are a student led mission team operating at the very heart of the University of Sheffield.

     ‘We exist for one reason — to share the good news of the gospel of grace to a generation without Jesus and without hope. We want to be people who understand, celebrate and defend the truth of the biblical gospel’.

     Let us pray for those students who do stand on the Word of God and seek to uphold his truth.







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