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EA relocates

May 2013

The Evangelical Alliance has left its home of more than 30 years in Kennington, south-east London, to move to new premises at the centre of London’s King’s Cross redevelopment.

     In a statement, the EA said it was time to move as its Kennington Home, Whitefield House, was ‘no longer fit for purpose’.

     The organisation moved into Whitefield House, in 1981. The building was so named because the 18th century evangelist George Whitefield used to engage in open air preaching in the public gardens opposite.

     The building has down the years housed the offices of other evangelical organisations, including formerly the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelisation.

     According to Steve Clifford, EA general director, ‘When our neighbours unexpectedly approached us, asking if we would consider selling them Whitefield House, we knew this was an opportunity from God.

     ‘We spent a lot of time carefully and prayerfully searching for new premises and considering how we can best use them. Though the mission we have had since 1846 remains the same, we feel that God is calling us to something new and exciting, symbolised in our relocation’.

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